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Private Coaching

$30.00 / On Sale


Mentorship, coaching, act development and refinement. This package is for any performer looking to develop new skills, and refine and develop an act- I wold love to help you take your performance to the next level! Please email me at roxidlite@gmail.com to discuss your goal before purchasing. I look forward to creating some magic with you!

20 minute consultation: $30
Start here! This package is an introductory one-on-one consultation to better understand your act and your goals. This includes a few tips and tricks to get you on your way for lesson one.

Lesson 1 - 45 minutes: $70
This lesson can be either a review of the act you are seeking to refine, with advice and act development, or a burlesque basics lesson. Note- there will be homework to prepare you for Lesson 2! (It's fun homework, I promise!)

Lesson 2 - 1 hour: $100
This is where we work on what you learned in lesson 1. We refine skills and review progress and I provide additional instruction and coaching to prepare you for the final lesson.

Lesson 3 - 1.5 hours: $150
In this class, we bring it home and round out the act refinement or burlesque basics practiced in lessons 1 & 2. This is the final lesson however if more time is needed it can be added, rates listed below.

If additional time is desired or required at the end of lesson three it can be added on to lesson 3 for $30 for an additional half hour, and $80 for an additional hour.